16 October، 2020

    Conference Proceeding: Egypt’s Military-Controlled Economy Beset with Monopolies, Corruption, and Social Unrest

    Within the past six years, a new military regime took form in Egypt under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Officers and…
    13 October، 2020

    Conference Proceeding: The Future of Secular Opposition in Egypt

    On 3 July 2013, Egypt’s military ousted president Mohamed Morsi and installed an interim government lasting until then-Minister of Defence…
    29 September، 2020

    Conference Proceeding: Dynamics of Socioeconomic Protest in Egypt in the time of Authoritarian Neoliberalism

    On 2 September 2019, a video about military corruption, especially in regards to the construction of a new presidential palace,…
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