Volume 26, Issue 3 (2021)
‘Counterterrorism’ and Human Rights, Twenty Years after 9/11: Part II

Table of Contents


War on Terror and Human Rights Violations by Security Bureaucracies: A Reading of Some General Features and Israeli Securitocracy
Louay Abdelfattah

‘Moderate’ Islam in Western Counterterrorism Praxes: Countering Extremism or Coercing Negligence?
Ahmed Badawi Mustapha


Views: How the Assad Regime Helped Create, Support, and Perpetuate ‘ISIS’?
Laila Alrefaai

Views: The Impact of Counter-Terrorism Measures on Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa
Neil Hicks

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Islamic Question before the United Nations Human Rights Committee by Yadh Ben Achour
Massaoud Romdhani

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