Volume 26, Issue 1 (2021)
What has Changed in the Decade since the Outbreak of the Arab Uprisings?

Table of Contents



A Worrisome Trend: Travel Bans Imposed on Human Rights Defenders in the MENA Region
Inés Jiménez Llorente

Elections and Democratic Transition in North Africa: The Case of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia
Fouad Aalouane

How Did Sisi Reproduce Authoritarianism in Egypt?
Sara Tonsy, Aly el-Raggal

The Reality and Future of Reforms in Morocco 2011-2021: The Question of Authority
Taoufik Abdessadek


Views: Did the Egyptian Revolution Fail?
Bahey eldin Hassan

Views: Egypt’s Criminalisation of Minority Free Speech through Blasphemy Cases
Mohamed Mandour

Views: Have We Understood Transformations in Tunisia over the Last Decade?
Kamel Jendoubi

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Roots of Revolt by Angela Joya
Cedric D’Hondt

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