The Human Rights Movement in Syria: Between Challenge and Hope

[1]Historical background The human rights movement in Syria is still in the embryonic phase. Its first breakthrough came in July…

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Defending Human Rights in Egypt in a Time of Crisis

This paper aims to describe and analyze how Egyptian human rights organizations have worked under a closed, authoritarian political system…

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New Social Movements in Arab North Africa: Protest Actions but no Political Project

Beginnings The new social movements witnessed in the wider Arab North Africa (Maghreb) arose from community initiatives unaffiliated with political…

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The Rights Movement and Islamists: An Ongoing Crisis of Trust

There have been many changes in the human rights movement’s relationship with political Islamist movements in the Arab world, particularly…

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Double standards: The stances of Arab human rights organizations on the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria

There can be no doubt that the ongoing crisis in Syria is the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century.…

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Support for Human Rights in the Arab World: A Shifting and Inconsistent Picture

Since 2011, human rights defenders and organizations in the Arab world that were built over approximately three decades have come…

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